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Jay Fox


UX Architect


he / they

An illustration of a brain in various shades of purple.




360 VR photo.JPG

Hey there! I'm Jay Fox, a multi-disciplinary creative with a passion for crafting meaningful user experiences through centering equity, inclusion, and accessibility throughout the design process.

Let's start a conversation! I am eager to begin a new role as a UX Designer with a team that values diversity and making an impact with the products they create.

UX Case Studies

A photo of a phone displaying the profile page of the fibr app, which is an online community for activists and marginalized folks to gather around social change..
A photo of a phone on a desk with a grocery item's product screen pulled up in the Price Check app. Price Check is an app that allows conscientious grocery shoppers to build their shopping list and know what they are going to spend before they get to the store. They are also able to compare the price of their cart to other stores to save money.
A photo of a person using their laptop, browsing the web for a news article and using the Truth Fairy browser extension. The app allows them to view information about various news sources to help them determine the credibility of the sources.
A photo of a phone showing the home screen of the Firebrand Collective store.
A screenshot of the project website for The SUE Experience capstone project.

Graphic Design

An image of both sides of my business cards, which shows the same purple brain illustration from my website, split into the right and left sides across the front and back.
A photo of an art print mounted on a wall, depicting Michelangelo's David as a transmasculine man in blues and pinks, with the transgender pride flag draped over his shoulder, hanging behind him.
A stack of white business cards  over a blue background. The business cards have a design of three blue minimalistic houses next to each other, one light blue one standing out in the foreground, with the Chicago stars across them.
A pile of flyers promoting "ESHS Chess Club" are on a wooden table. These flyers are for Englewood STEM, and include various details about who to contact and when to meet. The graphic features a chess board that fades out of view with a half of a white king piece in the frame on the left and half of a black king piece on the right.
Two wall-mounted posters displaying a handwritten font.
A two-page spread for a soft pretzel bites recipe. I designed the layout and updated the colors from someone else's illustrations of hands with food as part of a larger series of recipe templates.
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